Collaborative Product Strategy: How UX Can Influence Product Decisions

Collaborative Product Strategy: How UX Can Influence Product Decisions · Monday, November 2 · 8:30am – 5:30pm · Pacific E

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Become part of the product strategy conversation by contributing UX perspectives. Learn structured processes for product strategy, priorities, and roadmaps.

Plan UX research to support business and product decisions. Apply UX techniques to communicate your product roadmap and priorities.

The Day’s Agenda

In the Morning

Delve into the life of a product manager

  • Immerse yourself in the PM role to understand their priorities, pressures, and constraints
  • Translate the company vision and business goals into a strategic roadmap
  • Identify product opportunities to successfully achieve business and user goals

Develop a product strategy and roadmap

  • Write a high-level action plan to achieve your company vision
  • Pinpoint features to improve your product and delight users
  • Organize your roadmap into benefit-oriented, problem-solving themes, not features

In the Afternoon

Vet and refine your roadmap

  • Present a compelling roadmap guaranteed to impress your senior leadership
  • Adjust your priorities based on common constraints and curveballs
  • Say “no” to misguided feature requests and roadmap changes

Bring it all together

  • Establish your game plan for a successful roadmap rollout
  • Anticipate common product management challenges and tackle them with ease
  • Ensure your team’s UX activities influence product strategy

Influence Product Strategy

Influence your product team’s decisions

If you’re stuck in execution mode and constantly fighting fires, you’ll see how to become an indispensible part of strategic product discussions.

Focus on roadmap themes and value

All too often, roadmaps get mired in features, not the underlying problems that need fixing. The most successful roadmaps emphasize broad themes that tackle user and business challenges.

Rally your organization around the roadmap

A product roadmap is a powerful communication tool that gets everyone on the cross-functional team pulling in the same direction.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Create roadmaps that inspire and focus your stakeholders
  • Adjust your roadmap when hit with unpredictable constraints
  • Hold conversations with PMs that influence product direction
  • Understand the PM mindset to achieve strategic wins
  • Validate the roadmap with solid user research
  • Learn proven processes for choosing the right product priorities

Grow Your Product Strategy Toolkit

Create a 60-second business case for product opportunities

Conduct a quick ROI calculation for any idea and compare it to alternatives. You'll have a powerful technique for prioritizing what opportunities will best achieve your business goals.

Manage stakeholder expectations with benefit-oriented themes

By stating the problems you will solve instead of the features you'll deliver, you can successfully communicate product priorities while maintaining flexibility in the roadmap.

Create a strategy document and roadmap for your product

Produce a compelling and persuasive roadmap aligned with your company vision, business needs, and user goals.

Speak the language of your product managers

Get hands-on, working with teams who want to solve the same problems.

Collaborative Product Strategy: How UX Can Influence Product Decisions,

Photo of Collaborative Product Strategy: How UX Can Influence Product Decisions

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