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Learn how to understand your users’ needs and create experiences that engage and delight.

Boosting Research and Design Adoption

Kim Goodwin

Photo of Kim Goodwin Understanding your company’s culture and values is the first step toward building acceptance throughout the design process. Learn how to get beyond the roadblocks and get the organization on the same page.

Customer Journey Mapping and CX Research

Marc Stickdorn

Photo of Marc Stickdorn Stop creating journey maps based on assumptions. Hear about your journey mapping options along with when and how to use them. Get basic guidelines for conducting customer experience research based on an ethnographic approach.

A Tour of Today’s Online Style Guides

Nathan Curtis

Photo of Nathan Curtis As product designs are increasingly delivered as encoded, responsive, web-based artifacts, we’ve seen an explosion of living style guides. Get a critique of today’s online guides and what you should focus on.

Curing Shiny Object Syndrome: Prioritization Best Practices

Bruce McCarthy

Photo of Bruce McCarthy Get designers, product managers, and stakeholders in agreement on business goals. Stop the endless, circular arguments, prioritize your requirements, and establish a clear direction forward.

Building a Winning UX Strategy Using the Kano Model

Jared Spool

Photo of Jared Spool The ultimate goal for user experience is that users enjoy using your product or service. Many companies use satisfaction as a metric for measuring their success. But satisfaction is really just the lack of frustration. You should focus on how you’ll delight your users.

What Video Games Teach Us About UX

Steph Hay

Photo of Steph Hay Video games teach us the value of writing content before an interface exists, how to apply content-first UX design, and why voice and tone is vital to engagement. Explore the broad-to-narrow flow for introducing new content or interactions.

Beyond Measure: Making Meaning From Data

Erika Hall

Photo of Erika Hall There’s lots of data we can track, measure, and store, but it doesn’t mean it creates more meaning. Hear the the danger of making decisions based on emotion and superstition. Learn strategies for decision-making that bridge the divide between left- and right-brain thinking.

A 5-Year Review of Lean UX

Jeff Gothelf

Photo of Jeff Gothelf There’s mystique and myths around Lean UX and Jeff is here to clear it up. What’s worked, what hasn’t, and why? You’ll hear about the current landscape and where it’s heading.

Let’s Talk About Responsive Images and Performance

Jenn Lukas

Photo of Jenn Lukas Stop people abandoning your web site from long loading times. Learn about performance issues, the picture element, and how to communicate with developers about images.